Basic and Complex Tax Audit Representation Services

Every year after taxes are completed and turned in, there is a period of dread that many Canadians face. It is the time when the Canadian Revenue Agency, or CRA reviews the information provided and begins auditing individuals and companies that may in some way stand out to them. The CRA does not state the number of audits they do each year. In addition, the exact nature and reasons why the CRA may be auditing you may not be known. It can be for a particular reasons that you may be unaware of, or it may be entirely random.

Regardless, if you are currently being audited by the CRA, then it pays to have the very best team behind you. This is why you need to choose TDS Lawyers. Consisting of expert income tax lawyers in Surrey, our experts can help you resolve any issues you may be having with the CRA, including but not limited to income tax, tax amnesty, or tax evasion. Canada doesn’t have to be a hostile place to work or own a business with the help of TDS Lawyers.

Our Experienced Team

What consistently sets TDS Lawyers apart is our experienced team of professionals. Many members of our team are former CRA tax auditors, criminal investigators, technical advisors, and appeals officers. With our team, we will be able to get to the bottom of your tax audit, identifying the reasons for you being chosen, as well as a number of possible steps you can take to settle the audit under the best possible terms. It does not matter if this is a basic or complex tax audit, we will provide for you the very best in representation services.

Confidentiality is the Cornerstone of Our Business

Having worked within this field for a number of years, we understand the incredible importance behind confidentiality. In addition, being a law firm, you can rest assured that all communication with us is protected. In addition, you receive protection by solicitor-client privilege.

Regardless of the size and scope of the audit, we atTDS Lawyers will work to settle your audit as quickly as possible. Along with an incredible team, our skill and expertise in the realm of taxation, laws, and audits will help you resolve this audit as quickly as possible. Together, we will put this behind you.