GST/HST Recovery Services

No matter how you look at it, taxation is a complex process in Canada. For those filing independently it can be a challenge. For those filing for a business it can be a nightmare. However, most individuals will try their best regardless, and hope that the Canada Revenue Agency does not come knocking a few months later.

Sometimes however, either due to an issue or random chance, you will receive a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Audit. In particular, this has been known to happen when it comes to GST/HST. Where as an initial reaction may be to bury your head in the sands and wish the problem away, the only way to truly and effectively deal with a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Audit is to approach it head on. If you are going to do this effectively, then you will need to contact TDS Lawyers today.

The primary mission ofTDS Lawyers is to provide the best representational services to our clients in the field of taxation and law. We will help you with GST/HST Recovery Services, as well as a number of other problems that may come up during your Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Audit.

What Is GST/HST?

If you are unaware of what GST/HST stands for, then you are not alone. With the general complexity of tax lingo, it can be hard to remember every little thing. GST stands for goods and services tax. This tax is on most of the goods that go through Canada, and can even include intangible personal property and real property.

HST on the other hand stands for harmonized sales tax. HST is normally applied to the same things as GST. In participating provinces like New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island, GST and HST are essentially one. In other provinces however, they will be separate.

How Can We Help?

No one has more experience or knowhow when it comes to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Audit then we do at TDS Lawyers. With members of our team comprising former CRA members, we can provide you with an insiders look into the goings on of the audit process, providing invaluable support and expertise. Whether your are facing tax amnesty in Canada, or a wide range of other potential problems having to do with GST/HST recovery services, we will provide you with the very best services out there. Call us today atTDS Lawyers.