Representation in Tax Court and Federal Court

Tax season can be very stressful. Beyond trying to get personal and professional books together, there is always the looming and entirely unpleasant prospect of getting a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audit. And yet, despite carefully filling everything out, it is still possible to get with a CRA audit.

If you currently find yourself with a CRA audit along with the prospect of tax and federal court, then do not stress out. Instead, the very best thing you can do for both the short and long-term is to get yourself the best representation you can. When it comes to Canadian taxation, no one is better or more experienced then TDS Lawyers

Our Representation Will Be The Very Best Around

If you are looking for tax court of Canada representation, then you should strongly consider TDS Lawyers. With over 30 years worth of experience,TDS Lawyers has consultants who have assisted hundreds of individuals and business against CRA audits. In addition to tax court of Canada representation, we can also help assist with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audit appeal process.

The Advantage We Pass On To You

There are a number of reasons why we can provide you the very best services. Along with experience, our expert team is comprised of individuals who have previously worked in the CRA. Their experience auditing individuals and companies is now experience that we can make use of when helping you with your representation in tax court and federal court. From former CRA tax auditors, to technical advisors, we can help you understand this process from both angles, providing the highest level of services possible.

Your First Step

If you are interested in our expertise and experience, and believe that it may help you with your representation in tax court and federal court, then the first thing you can do is to give us a call. We will set up a free consultation. This consultation, normally ranked at $499 is no obligation, and it will help give us an idea of the kind of services you require. After that, we will work with you every step of the way, providing incredible, confidential services. As we are a law firm and have solicitor-client privilege, you can rest assured that all communication will be protected